5 reasons to choose canvas prints

, добавлено: 22.04.2016
5 reasons to choose canvas prints

Let me start by saying the following: I am all pro-printing. I believe that photographs must be printed so they can be seen, admired, remembered and treasured. Just like our memories of good old times that passed, but still remain in our hearts.

Isn’t that the reason why we take photographs in the first place? To remember ourselves and our loved ones at a specific moment of time? To remember that summer evening when we ate marshmallows with our cousins by a campfire? Or maybe to remember that sunny afternoon we spent strolling with our grandma in the park? Or these early and sleepy mornings we used to have when out fishing with dad?

If only we could capture all these precious moments and keep them as photographs! Printed photographs. Hanged on the wall photographs. So that every day, passing by, we would stop for a moment and savor, once again, these sweet and dear moments. Wouldn’t you like that? I know I would. I know I do.

So, yes! I print my photos and mount them on the walls in my house. So that everyday I can see how my son looked a year ago, I can see how fun our last vacation was, and even how I looked five years ago when I was expecting my son. But how about you? What do you do with your photos? Do you print them? Where? On what? Did try printing them on canvas?

Today I would like to talk about five benefits of printing your photos onto a canvas.

1. Canvas prints are cost effective. Printing on paper means printing in professional labs and expensive framing afterwards. A large print on a paper with custom framing could cost quite a bit. However, canvas printing offers you the most cost-effective printing of your photos in large format. It also makes your photos look like a peace of art.

2. Canvas prints have no glare or reflection. Traditional paper prints are covered by glass when framed. Hence, on a bright day they can easily exhibit glare or reflection, making a photo impossible to view. Glass reflection problem does not exist with canvas prints. So, go ahead: hang them anywhere you wish. No need to consider the light sources!

3. Canvas prints are the largest prints for a wall space. The beauty of canvas prints is that you can get them in almost any size you want. Canvas sizes range from a small 11”x 14” canvas print to a big 40”x 60” canvas print, which makes them a very versatile choice for your wall decor. You can also have a ‘multi panel canvas’ – numerous canvas prints, which are puzzle-like pieces that make up one whole image.

4. Canvas prints make excellent gifts. If you are looking for personalized gift ideas, canvas prints are definitely your option number one! They’ll make your gift unique and very special. A gift that is not only a cherished memory, but also is a wonderful wall art. This piece of art will not be loosing its value in the years to come.

5. Canvas prints weight less than traditionally printed frames, especially in the large sizes. Even if you decide to cover half of your living room’s wall with a canvas print, it will still weight 2-4 pounds maximum. Canvas prints (even when printed big) are still light and easy to transport and to hang.

Here are the main points why I personally prefer canvas prints over traditional paper prints. I always recommend to my clients to opt for canvas prints as opposed to other printing products. There are many professional photo labs that sell canvas prints locally and online. However, I do recommend to go to a professional lab with proved reputation and high quality products.

Canvas print is not only an enlarged photograph, it’s that special moment from your past that you want to keep in your present. It’s a moment that you hold on to sooo tight. And that moment is priceless. Should you have any other questions related to canvas prints, don’t hesitate to contact me at (514)686-4282. Here is also my official website: www.liraphotography.com

Please note that all the canvas prints in this article are of my clients ;)